We began our journey with dreams of building this vape shop into a place where everyone felt comfortable to vape, hangout, and ask questions.  Back in 2013 we had no idea we would be where we are now, with two premium lines, a great group of employees, two locations, and customers we would not trade for anything.

We pride ourselves with having the best selection in KC of not only devices, but having juice lines that are unique to us.  Our in-house made Juice lines were made through the hard work and dedication of our owner Eric and staff, artwork provided by Trey. 

Overall we have enjoyed our run so far and look forward to the next few years!

6212 Nieman Road Shawnee, KS 66018 (913) 248-4480

713 Metropolitan Ave. Leavenworth, KS 66018 (913) 297-8285

Flatland Vapes


Customer Raves

Our Story

​​"I love this place and everyone there. First day in the door they treated me like they had known me for years and even call me by name each time. I won't go anywhere else for my vape supplies. Heck I like going just to BS and try flavors I would normally never try.. Flatland is definitely the way to go.. thanks guys for down to earth personalities."

– Tammy Poland


"My favorite shop in KC. Super friendly, knowledgeable staff and a steady flow of interesting juice and hardware. And they're affordable! A++. Would highly recommend visiting them whether you're new to vaping or a vet." 

–  Kari Falconer-Queen


“This place is awesome Eric is bad ass! Work right next door very convinient!” 

– Will Collins